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what can a body?

(portuguese version)

Galeria dconcept (click here to access the website of the exhibition)

25.10.2008 | 22.11.2008

After subverting the canons of the monument with sculptures that represent anonymous people, that are less than 20 cm long and perish minutes later, the artist Néle Azevedo inquires about the possibilities of the body, in a reference to the philosopher Espinosa: “We still don't know what a body can do ”. 


The new work has the transparency of the resin and the ability to sensitize the viewer by making him face his own reality, as in “Minimum Monument”. If in the urban interventions with ice sculptures, distracted passersby were surprised by a revelation of the action of time, in the exhibition What can a body?, volunteer visitors face their own individual physical reality reflected in the acrylic surfaces that cover the drawings.


What can the body of each spectator in front of his own image, while observing the resin bodies? What, wherever they may be, can these anonymous bodies, captured by the artist's gaze and transformed into an artistic objects?


If there are answers to these questions, they can only be found in the internal silence of each viewer. For Néle, inquiring about the possibilities of bodies means revisiting the path taken from iron sculptures to the dissolution of the body in ice, seeking a new way of understanding it. That's why she chose an intimate space, with only 14m², of the d'concept gallery.


Sylvia Leite

Jornalista e doutoranda em Filosofia pela USP


Paulo Matsushita's text

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