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Sustainability is an imminently political concept

Text by Néle Azevedo published on the catalogue of the art exhibition examples to follow! zur nachahmung empfohlen!

Sustainability is an imminently political concept. It evokes the daily fight against destruction; demands a reflection about the values of today's world. We, that fear ephemerality and death, we live dangerously immersed in an aesthetics of disposability. This should really be the ephemerality that scares us - moved by a permanent desire for difference; and not the one the gives us back the perspective of being common and finite.

Minimum Monument celebrates the political strength of the ephemeral and diminutive in opposition to the monumental and grandiose: it opts for the anonymous man, whose face can be as diverse as the temporality that animates it. If the ice men communicate to us the inevitable solitude before the grate and institutional that sometimes swallows us, they also speak, to our hope, of the power of multiplication of the minimum. Further more, they speak of the necessity to rescue humanity from the "small" quotidian gestures of the celebration of life. At the end this piece places itself within these urban actions undertaken by artists/activists that search in different cities and countries a new gesture in the attempt to open new ways of inhabiting the world.

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