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São Paulo, Brasil – D’Concept Escritório de Arte

Octuber 25 until Novembro 22, 2008

Parts of a problem, by Paulo Matsushita

“We do not know what a body can yet”, claims Néle Azevedo, referring to Espinosa, on the new work presented now. And she hides it as well. Or she gives us a glimpse. Or, presenting parts of the problems – what we crave or tense up to be - , it spins in front of us, in refraction, the enigma-object. The dialogue set up with the ice sculptures draws our attention to those works, yet lasting: there they are with the same precariousness, erratically, now under the diaphanous silence of the acrylic. Finally, on an unpredictable ipon, how it has to be, the distant observer in an incautious effort to decipher, is watched by the work, through the artifice of the mirrored acrylic, and as a Sphinx victim, is caught, in abyss into the enigma.

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