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parts of a problem

(portuguese version)

Paulo Matsushita


“We don't know yet what a body can do”, says Néle Azevedo, using Espinosa, in the new works that she now presents to us. And hides. Or unveils. Or, presenting parts of a problem - that which we yearn for, or tension to be -, makes rotate, in front of us, in refraction, the object-enigma. The dialogue this sculptures make, although not ephemeral, with the ice sculptures draws attention: there it is, the same precariousness, the same wandering, now under the diaphanous silence of  the acrylic. Finally, in an unpredictable ippon, as it should be, the distant observer, in the unwary effort of deciphering, is seen by the work, through the artifice of mirrored acrylic, and, victim of the Sphinx, he finds himself, in abyss, in the enigma.


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