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liquid presences

08/05 and 09/05 of 2015

Araçatuba - São Paulo

Installation / performance held at Tulha, in the state park "Parque da Fazenda do Estado"

Project contemplated in the Proac 45/2014


In Araçatuba, the State Park is in the central area of ​​the city, where the headquarters of the Municipal Environment Secretariat operates. In this park, we find Tulha = storeroom, granary, where food is stored. It was completely deteriorated, serving as a chicken coop. Then, the Tulha space, which was perfect for the performance, was restored as a result of the confluence of many wills: the Secretary of the Environment, the mayor of the city, articulated by the negotiation skills of producer Antonio Carlos Nicolau with the company Lomy Engenharia.


Liquid Presences activated and inaugurated Tulha as a cultural space within the state park.


It is an installation integrated with a dance performance, bringing together the work of the artist Néle Azevedo and the choreographer and dancer Marina Tenório. The two artists did a two-week residency at the Oficina Cultural Sílvio Russo in the city of Araçatuba - SP. The residency consisted of experimenting with sculptures of human bodies made of ice and researching movements in the body of the interpreter. During the residency, Néle Azevedo opened the process of making the sculptures to the interested public and Marina Tenório gave a bodywork workshop on the movement investigation procedures used in the process. At the end of this period, there were two presentations of the installation / performance in the restored Tulha space.


Soundtrack: Tiago de Mello

Light Design: Mirella Brandi



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