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how to reach birds in flight

III Bienal del fin del Mundo | Uschuaia (ARG)

13.10.2011 | 01.12.2011

Parte Fair - DConcept | São Paulo (BRA)

17.10.2012 | 21.10.2012

"A Cidade Em Mim" - Barra Mansa | Rio de Janeiro (BRA)

02.10.2015 | 30.10.2015

Since 2009 I take photos of the intense air traffic above my studio in Sao Paulo. These are pictures that intend to reach the aircrafts, as birds in flight. The camera zoom provides the proximity of the "sky", occupied by the intense traffic of airplanes - our contemporary birds.

By taking these pictures, I realized that we live in a time that resembles the Romantic period, when there was a wonder before nature. Today, this astonishment returns with the threat of global warming; we come close to what we understand as the limits of the planet´s supportability. Based on these perceptions and aiming to bring concept and form closer, I´ve grouped the photos and made several investigations and experiences with the images and its basis, which ultimately resulted in the photographs printed in black and white directly on aluminum plates.

As a contrast of pictures of the aircraft mechanically occupying the skies, the video of a flock of swallows in Getulio Vargas Square in Porto Velho / 2013 displays the free flight of birds that, alive in the air, make a huge ballet and remind us of the expressive force of nature.


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