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sisyphus + the inteligence of the flowers

Exhibition by Néle Azevedo and Lucimar Bello



3.40’ video loop, created from Albert Camus’s essay on the “Myth of Sisyphus - essay on the absurd” by Néle Azevedo & Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez.


Anthropomorphic sculptures on ice melt and pulsate in a continuous process of melting and reconstruction - appearance and disappearance - in reference to the human task of being / becoming / wanting to be; like in the myth, when Sisyphus continuously carries his rock, knowing that "the night will never end". Designed on a steam curtain, Sisyphus is stripped off from the materiality of the stone and earth, and gains ephemerality.

+ The intelligence of flowers, 50

Fifty mini books, by Lucimar Bello, with words from Maurice Maeterlinc's book 'A Inteligência das Flores', that is on the prologue of Jorge Luis Borge's book 'A Biblioteca Pessoal'. The mini books also contain poetic phrases created and handwritten by the artist, based on the words printed on the references.

+ Library of 64

Sixty-four mini books, by Lucimar Bello, containing printed words taken from the 64 prologues made by Jorge Luis Borges, in the book The Personal Library. 64 is a number of many meanings, including in Brazil.



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