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restare = resist, survive

First exhibited in the opening of "What is not forest is political prison" (Reocupa Gallery, inside of the Nove de Julho Occupation - SP MTSC)


Façade screens (those used as protection in renovations or construction of buildings) embroidered with the names of forest peoples who resist and exist here. The process of naming has a symbolic value of making the absent present. Homage, recognition and celebration when installing the names of the tribes publicly. The work will be completed by adding more 300 names of the existing peoples in Brazil.



First screen: 23 embroidered names, installed in the first block of the "9 de Julho" occupation, São Paulo, SP - september, 2019

Dimensions: 2.50 m x 1.20 m

Second screen: 17 embroidered names - installed in the atelier 807 of occupation "9 de Julho", São Paulo, SP -  october, 2019

Dimensions: 2.00 m x 1.30 m

Third screen: 20 embroidered names - installed at "Solar dos Abacaxis", Rio de Janeiro, RJ - november, 2019

Dimensions: 2.35 m x 1.35 m


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