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instalação.assimetria.devoração da t
instalação.assimetria.devoração da t

Asymmetry between everyday epiphanies and devouring the Earth

Exhibited online in Goma 1,5m - Uma métrica & Um meio para a vida - Arte

17.11.2020 | 21.12.2020



Title: Devouring the Earth

Dimensions - diameter - 1.5m

Materials: twine, basins, patty forms, clay from the Córrego do Feijão in Brumadinho and Bento Rodrigues in Mariana-MG.

Date: October 2020.



Title: Everyday Epiphanies - Onion and Garlic Peels

Dimensions - diameter - 1.20m (dimension of the artist's arms)

Date: October 2020.

This is a group of works carried out in the domestic/studio environment. I use the circle as a space to reflect on the asymmetries between personal discovery as a diary of isolation and the horror of the continuous practice of devouring the Earth focusing on the destruction of the landscape in Minas Gerais.


Personally, I experience daily epiphanies during isolation, discover odds and ends, remnants once unnoticed in the hasty daily life. I apprehend instants highlighted by the light falling on onion and garlic peels, then use this living matter in the drawings. This look into the tiny, the intimate, the micro supports me in my understanding of the macro, in learning that we and the Earth are one.


Meanwhile, the speed of devouring the Earth increases. Vale/Samarco/ BHP keep eating the mountains in Minas Gerais. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government declares mining an essential activity, mining trains speed up profit and Vale becomes a corporation. Will there be any Minas left?


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