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Suspended State

Suspended State / Suspended State by Néle Azevedo

Installation | performance

June 28, 2019 [Friday], 6 pm

in front of the São Paulo Municipal Theater

Ramos de Azevedo Square, s / n –

São Paulo - Brazil


"Suspended State" is an ephemeral installation. More than 1000 ice figures are suspended at different heights in a metal frame. For about an hour, they slowly and dramatically disappear.


The sculptures are anthropomorphic and elongated [female and male] suspended by threads. They are illuminated, accentuating dripping, cracking and breaking ice. They melt in this state of suspension and the sound of melting is amplified by microphones installed in kitchen vessels such as pots, bowls and lids.


The installation / performance alludes to a temporary state, a suspension of the body from the floor, a state of being somewhere without actually being there. While melting, they show not only the fragility and the ephemeral, but also a provisional state of transition, of the intermediate. The temporality of suspended ice figures recalls our human condition from the point of view of both subjectivity and the collective. Through the melting of bodies and the expansion of sound, the work brings to light the conflicts between human temporality and temporality expressed by the rhythm of contemporary life: questions of the body, existence, subjectivity and space.



Installation | Performance: Estado de Suspensão | Suspended State by Néle Azevedo

Performed in front of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo - Brazil, on June 28, 2019.


Conception and creation: Néle Azevedo

Assistant: Luiz Francisco Araújo Cortez


Sculptures production:

Andre Catunda Serra Barion

Fernanda Estevão Cortez

Jeremias Blas da Vega

Lucca France Pinto Saad

Manoela Rabnovich

Mari Ra Chacon Massler

Pedro Salles Tavares Paes


Light Design: Mirella Brandi

Light Assistant: Mateus Brant

Sound Design: Dino Vicente

Live Mix: Daniel Avilez

Sound Technician: Inhá Marim


Editing: Wanderley Wagner da Silva, Fernando Zimolo and Enrique Casas.

Flyer: Joana Amateur

Photograph: Edouard Jean Guillaume de Fraipont

Photography and Video: Manoela Rabinovich

Video: Parece Cinema / Beatriz Peres and Camilo Cassoli

Press Officer: Marmiroli Communication


Production Director: Stella Marini / Púrpura Artistic Productions

1st Production Assistant: Cesar Ramos

2nd Production Assistant: Cadu Cardoso



Ana Leticia Penedo

Ana Paula Do Val

Cláudia Pegoraro

Edith Derdik

Julio Cesarini

Kátia Gonçalves Rodigues

Laura Maringoni

Marcelo Calheiros

Mariana Lacerda

Monica Paes

Monica Rubinho

Sylvia Leite

Sidney Philocreon

Syvia Werneck



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