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Isolation experiences from 

04.2020 to 11.2020

The series "Minimum Stocks" participated in the virtual exhibition "No me mires, no me toques!" in Lima, Peru


The other works are exhibited at Espaço Vitrine from


In the beginning of the isolation life gained new density. Little things, minimal, unimportant ones gained relevance inside the house: the falling of light on colorful peels of onions and garlic, and on the broken shells of used eggs. Through the window, light shines over the vegetables and fruits laid to dry. The work previously done in the public space was replaced by the window, as the border between the private and the city. Windows have become the possible public space. 

This series was shown as "Minimum Existences" in the virtual exhibition No me mires, no me toques! Espectro viral del siglo XXI in May of 2020, in Lima, Peru.

As of the end of April, I decided to move to my studio and immerse myself in an artistic residency. I no longer had the windows of the apartment from where I could see the city from above – now I had a window/showcase with limited view, but near the floor. Here I expanded the practice of little actions to cross the isolation.

“the skin of days" is composed by leftovers, minimal, unimportant existences, such as layers of garlic and onion peels, and eggshells that unveil dense days. Since May 5th, these leftovers have been attached to the walls of Espaço Vitrine. “the skin of days” has been growing and becoming an exhibition. On one side of Espaço Vitrine (a small gallery in the studio), the skin of days and how life designs itself - two sets of drawings, are little actions sustained in the micro, the day to day that help understand the macro.

"The silence of the egg", inspired by the short story “The egg and the hen”, by Clarice Lispector.

“how life designs itself” – drawing with eggshells and banana blossom leaves. These leftovers are living matter in a state of change, a continuous move in uninterrupted transformation. It is a way of enduring, with the life of the matter, the social isolation imposed by the pandemic.

In October, cast iron sculptures made in 1998 found their place in Espaço Vitrine on top of crates used in the weekly street market on the street behind the studio, along with the drawings of organic matter. Two times - 1998 and 2020 – in the same space, expanding ways of presenting restlessness. Life, among great and little things, continues to flow...

Notes on the wall: The silence of the egg | egg seen egg lost | when you see the egg it’s too late | we don’t know we love the egg.

These are works in progress, being changed, expanded, and rethought, being developed every day.

Minimum Stocks

the skin of the days

The silence of the egg

how life draws

exhibition in Espaço Vitrine

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