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urban "spawing"


The intervention was carried out at Getulio Vargas Square (Porto Velho – RO) on November 14th and 15th, 2013 and prepared together with local artists at the Ivan Marrocos Culture Center workshop.

Urban Piracema was brought up during conversations in the workshop about spaces in the city for the urban interventions. We started talking about the occupation work at the ferry that connects the city to the other edge of the river.

The ferry, the bridge, the plant, the replacement of the river population of the left edge of the river, the allotment and the new occupation at the other edge of the river were the discussed topics.

The construction of the Madeira river plant destroyed the waterfall where the fish spawning used to take place. Then the idea of bringing the fish to the city was brought up. We considered that the idea of piracema embraced all the issues related to the deviation of the river, the construction of the plant and the occupation of the ground at the left edge of the river.

The place was chosen: Getulio Vargas Square in front of the State Govern House. In that same place, swallows perform their yearly flight similar to the fish spawning.  It is an outstanding phenomenon. Using the same place seemed to be the perfect metaphor; occupying along with the swallows that, alive in the air, perform an immense ballet reminding us the expressive strength of Nature.

The “Urban Piracema” was drawn on the ground with stencil. Hundreds of fish climbed up the stairs of the square heading to the Govern House.


The workshop participants

Ana Luiza Moreira Costa

Bailarina da praça


Cláudio Vrena

Clotilde Penutto

Gabriel Bicho

text by the artist


Maria Nasartes

Marllom Tamboril

Piero Aranibar

Samira Alvim

Silvia Regina Fernandes das Neves

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