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two times

"Tempo, Buscar" - SESC Piracicaba Gallery | Piracicaba (BRA)

16.10.2009 | 29.11.2009

Two times it’s an exercise opposing two time experiences: the real and the represented. In real time, the visitor walks into a room and experience the time by the melting of an ice sculpture, it takes from 40 to 50 minutes. The amplified sound of water dripping intensifies the time passage.

In the represented time, outside the room, a 4,14 min video captures the melting process, playing with its durations, expanding and accelerating the time, punctuated by the lines of a philosopher and an urbanist.

We live in a time dictated by velocity; we inhabit the speed that suppresses the time experience. The ice melts in a chronological time, but intensifies a metaphor from another time: the one lived throughout the body, the duration experience.



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