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divus le volt!

Exhibited at "As novas cruzadas" – XIV Internacional Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira | Vila Nova Cerveira (POR)

18.08.2007 | 19.09.2007

Néle presents two works upon the proposed theme by the curatorship: The New Crusades. There are two panels: the first unites thirty-six acrylic resin small sculptures displayed on geometric forms with the latin inscription: Divus le volt! / It is God’s wishes! – words used in 1095, when the Crusaders started the march to Jerusalem.

The second panel , Divus Le Volt! 2 has four photographs of sculptures in ice – the records of the interventions held in Porto – Portugal on November 22nd, 2006  and Braunschweig – Germany on june 15th , 2006 and the English text : May God continue to look out after those who defend the peace and freedom, the North-American president  George Bush’s speech at the Pentagon for the announcement of the budget for war in March 2003.

* This work is part of the collection of the Vila Nova de Cerveira Biennial


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