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Created for the exhibition "What is not a forest is a political prison"


Also shown at Solar dos Abacaxis



Stuffed elephant suspended by nylon threads and text glued to the floor in a transparent sticker

Dimensions 58cm x 33cm x 20cm


The stuffed elephant is sold on the internet with the same text that is affixed to the transparent sticker on the floor. This text reveals the constructed ideological imaginary of the wild animals and the distant jungle - an imagined Africa. A landscape in distance, while the surrounding landscape - our forests and woods, along with their animals, are being destroyed. Transforms the “wild” animal into plush and promises a jungle look to your home.


The act of suspending the elephant: When the reality around us extrapolates our capacity for acceptance or understanding, suspending an elephant announced in a dream, can be a window to other possibilities of seeing and acting that are beyond the real.

Surreal: 1. that indicates strangeness, transgression of the sensible truth, of the reason, or that belongs in the domain of the dream, the imagination, of the absurd.


Text of the sticker glued to the floor:


Do you know that animal

you find beautiful, but can't have at home?

This great stuffed Royal African Elephant

will decorate your room giving it that jungle feeling.


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