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jasy ra'ynteko ojovahéi hína / Anhangabaú: a river to the absents

The book was created as an invitation from the artist Sandra Cinto to join the Library of Love at the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, Ohio


Second and last specimen prepared for the exhibition processes in transit: Artist's Books, Paços do Concelho | Matosinhos (Portugal)

09.06.2018 | 29.07.2018

Anhangabaú: a river to the absents, it derives from a project elaborated by four artists from which it aimed at suspending symbolically the river Anhangabaú that is submerged at the bottom of the valley and bringing out the memory of the river and the Guarani language as well (forbidden from 1758,but it was spoken in SP until the middle of the nineteenth century) writing the verse jasy ra'ynteko ojovahéi hína = the new moon renews our face  on the sides of the Viaduto do Chá.

Vale Anhangabaú/in Guarani: Water fountain of hauntings or hiding place of the devil.

Tupi Guaranis peoples: original  inhabitants


Location: São Paulo downtown – Brazil


Artists who elaborated the project presented in 2010 to the cityhall of São Paulo:


Ana Paula do Val, urbanist and visual artist

Ana Rüsche, writer,

Juliana Corradini, architect

Néle Azevedo, visual artist

Drawings by Danilo Zamboni



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