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From body to earth

Funarte RespirArte Award 2020

Published in social media from December, 2020

From body to earth -  vídeo 3:19

april 21, 1792 -  april 21,1970 – april 21, 2020

The video shows a human figure (molded in ice) that, when undone, is returned to the earth.

From Body to Earth, it calls for three overlapping dates:


1- 21 April 1792, date of execution by dismembering the body of Tiradentes (considered a national hero);

2- Between April 17th and 21st, 1970, the event of the same name organized by Frederico Morais that, exactly 50 years ago  brought together artists in various happenings and actions in the Municipal Park of BH, in the middle of the military dictatorship, when the body suffered threat of arrest and torture;

3-  21 April 2020,  the body remains confined by the global pandemic and in Brazil, at an intersection between climate and health crises, both denied by the federal government team.

From body to earth is a video that takes up Morais' words to frame another body that falls apart in water and irrigates the earth, the Earth


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