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Plant House
turning life into more life

Temporary house-to-house and traveling art exhibition with guest artists

03.03.2022 | 24.03.2022

Reforestation practice in the city of São Paulo,  incentive to consume  pancs (unconventional food plants),  distribution of baskets, on Fridays, with harvest products that farmers, especially women, cannot sell in conventional projects, because they don't fit into the logistics of the market.

@casaplanta,  @cestasexta

35 bags – designed with everyday waste in an attempt to establish a vital relationship with the world, made from everyday materials such as yellow leaves brought by the wind to the studio door announcing autumn + leaves from the heart of the banana tree fallen on Caiubi Street and collected by @mariana + onion husks from @cozinha from occupation July 9 + cotton with seeds born in the studio + garlic husks I got from Vanildo at @hortada Ocupaçao + Portuguese chestnut leaves brought from MG + an amazing yacon potato leaf too coming from MG + eggs consumed since April 2020 + embroidered with the names of the forest people, part of the restare work.


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