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cross through the pain on the blue

Installation specifically created for the collective exhibition "Ritos Baldios" at Paço das Artes | Sao Paulo (BRA)

11.11.2012 | 12.11.2012

The work has gotten started from the meaning of the words “baldio (barren
or purposeless) “a originally Arabic word that means “worthless”, “useless”, “to no effect” – and “rite” from Latin that means “religious ceremony” or “usage”, “custom” – and the characteristics of the underground space of the Paço das Artes where there is a surrounding area full of waste which is now covered by vegetation.

An installation composed by a beach chair which was placed on a part of
the floor delimited in blue with the sentence “CROSS THROUGH THE PAIN ON THE BLUE DAYS”. Near the chair, there are objects like binoculars, a diving mask and a pair of sunglasses that invite people to experience the proposed atmosphere.

CROSS THROUGH THE PAIN ON THE BLUE DAYS is related to the figurative
meaning of a solitary rite on a wasteland, useless, probably unable to provide the crossing.


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